Rachel Pendakur


Rachel Pendakur lives in San Diego, CA, and has been a coach on the ELT Method team since 2019. Rachel started strength training on a whim in high school and was immediately hooked, kicking off an ongoing love of getting stronger in the gym. Although her first experiences in the weight room were overwhelmingly positive, she noted substantial challenges through her college years and early 20s as she maneuvered diet culture messaging and her relationship with food and exercise. Her struggles ultimately reignited her love for strength training and prompted her to continue learning and teaching. Now, she is passionate about educating and partnering with individuals who want to reach and sustain their goals with a comprehensive view of health in mind, no matter their fitness level.

Rachel holds an M.A. in Psychological Science, and her research areas of interest have centered heavily on health psychology as well as behavior change and adherence to health-promotion behaviors. From both research and practice, Rachel knows that people most often need help with behavior change execution, whether they want to focus their coaching on a physique goal, performance goal, body image work, or simply on general health improvements and quality of life. She firmly believes that fitness should be a positive addition to your life; not an all-consuming endeavor.

Her coaching approach emphasizes client autonomy, and sustainable change supporting long-term benefits. In addition to hitting the gym in her free time, she also loves to try new San Diego restaurants, go on walks and hikes, or just relax with her dog and a good book. Certifications & Training: NSCA-CSCS, *D, CPCC, GGS-1, Binge Eating Essentials for Health Professionals (BBE), Behavior Change & MI (Stages of Change), B.A. Music, B.A. Psychology

Get to know her better on Instagram: @rpendakur