Momentum by Sohee offers various fitness services that are showcased on the Website and can be purchased in-app through Apple and Google. 

Subscription Terms

Monthly Subscription. Available on our mobile application for Android and iOS, which can be downloaded to your mobile device.

Annual Subscription. This can also be accessed via our mobile application for Android and iOS.

Pricing & Renewals

Our pricing for the Monthly Subscription is $19.00 USD. 

Our pricing for the Annual Subscription is $149.00 USD. 

Once a subscription is purchased via the Momentum by Sohee App or the Website (, the buyer will receive the requested number of months of app access. App access can be purchased for 1 month or 12 months. This period starts from the date the account is created and payment is made. If a free trial or other promotion is available at the time of purchase, your app access will commence when the promotion or free trial concludes. App access will not be extended unless proof of an emergency medical condition is provided. Momentum by Sohee Programs does not account for any medical conditions, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or any other specific health or medical issues. If you have, or are potentially at risk of, any health condition or medical issue, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, we highly advise you to consult your healthcare provider before participating in any Program. Momentum by Sohee does not guarantee specific outcomes as a result of participation in a Program, or the use of meal plans, nutrition guides, or other Fitness Products. Testimonials provided on the website are unique to each individual, and results may vary.

Payments for all fitness services and other goods or services ordered through the Website or App are to be made at the time of purchase using the available payment options – credit card, ApplePay, GooglePay or Stripe. No refunds are available for any fitness services or subscriptions, and all sales are final upon purchase. Payments processed through the App Store or Google Play Store will be handled by their respective platforms, over which we have no control.

Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle depending on which subscription duration has been purchased. 

If there is a price change all users will be informed with at least 30 days notice via push notifications and e-mail. 

Managing Payment Settings & Cancellations

Users are able to manage their payment settings by navigating to their account profile and clicking manage subscription. 

Users can also upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans by navigating to the account profile and then selecting manage subscription. 

Users are able to to cancel their subscription by navigating to their account profile and clicking cancel a subscription. The users can request cancellation at any time and will be given access to the remaining duration of their purchased agreement before being terminated. 


‘Momentum by Sohee’ does not provide personal training in person, or individually tailored exercise, fitness, or nutrition advice. The fitness programs and nutritional guidelines provided by Momentum by Sohee (Programs) are generic, based on the individuals’ goals provided during the sign-up process on the App or Website. We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before beginning any fitness program.

Terms of Use

By registering an Account with Momentum by Sohee, or using the App or Website in any way, you acknowledge and agree that you:

Have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Reporting and Blocking Users. Users can report content or behavior that they believe violates these Terms of Use or is otherwise inappropriate. Reports can be made through the app’s reporting feature. When submitting a report, please provide as much detail as possible, including the reason.

Consent to the use of your personal information as outlined in these terms and conditions and the App.

Acknowledge that Momentum by Sohee may amend its terms and conditions periodically, and will update them on the Website and App. The new terms will take effect from the date they are posted on the Website and App. Continued use of the Website, App, Fitness Products, and purchasing goods and services from Momentum by Sohee after the amended terms are posted implies acceptance of the updated terms.


Registration on a Program and License

You must be at least 18 years old to register an Account on the Website or App, use any of our fitness services, or participate in a program. Each purchase of a fitness service is for your personal use only. You may not authorize third parties to use any Subscription or other digital products or services provided by us via your Account. Upon registration of a Subscription, Momentum by Sohee grants you a limited non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, and revocable license to use the materials associated with the Subscription, as per these terms and conditions, for your personal use.


Momentum by Sohee prioritizes your privacy. When you register an Account or purchase a Fitness Product, we will have access to the personal information you provide. This information will be protected and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We may use your email to communicate with you about Momentum by Sohee-related information. If you do not wish to receive any communications from us, please let us know, or alternatively, follow the unsubscribe instructions provided at the end of the emails.

Momentum by Sohee Community Feed Guidelines

The Momentum by Sohee Feed is a place for users to share their experiences, gain knowledge, find inspiration, and develop friendships during their health and fitness journey. We have a few simple guidelines we ask our users to follow.

Community Rules

We have absolutely zero tolerance for bullying or demeaning comments

Always respect other opinions

Cursing and other forms of profanity are strictly prohibited

Only post things within the confines of the law or risk losing your access without a refund

Never post any mental illness-related content or Inappropriate Content or behavior

Spam or advertising of other products is strictly prohibited

Any posted content is public information and can be used against you without liability to Momentum by Sohee.

Do not post, publish, distribute, or display sexually explicit images. Notice will be deemed given 24 hours after the email is sent. For the avoidance of doubt, “writing” includes emails. When we refer to “in writing” in these terms and conditions, this includes email.

Account Suspension or Termination

Momentum by Sohee reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Account or registration on the Momentum by Sohee App at any time if we determine that you have violated these terms and conditions, or if we deem it necessary to do so. Momentum by Sohee will notify you of such suspension or termination in writing, which may include email communication to the email used to create your account. This can include, but is not limited to, situations where a User is under investigation by Momentum by Sohee, or where the User is believed to be in violation of the community rules stated above, found within the Momentum by Sohee. Customers may discontinue using a Subscription, the App, and the Website whenever they desire.


Customers may raise complaints regarding any goods or services provided by Momentum by Sohee, or any other issues concerning Momentum by Sohee by emailing us at Customers should provide detailed information about the nature of the complaint and attach any supporting documents if applicable. Momentum by Sohee will investigate the complaint and provide a response within 5 business days.

Risk Acknowledgment and Disclaimers

You acknowledge and agree that any exercise routines and programs carry inherent risks, and participation in any Momentum by Sohee Programs or use of any fitness services can lead to severe injury, including but not limited to broken bones, soft tissue injuries, joint injuries, and heart, lung, and breathing problems due to:

Known or unknown health conditions or previous injuries.


Engaging in overly strenuous activities.

Tripping or slipping over fitness equipment.

Attempting activities beyond your exercise capability.

You understand that any exercise and nutrition guides provided by Momentum by Sohee are not tailored to your specific circumstances. Therefore, you should consult with a healthcare provider before following any advice or plan or participating in a Program offered by Momentum by Sohee.

Momentum by Sohee does not guarantee that the App or Website will function on any particular device. You acknowledge and agree that technical difficulties or delays may occur, which is an inherent risk of all internet and electronically based systems.

Customer Warranties

By using our services, you represent and warrant to Momentum by Sohee that:

You are at least 18 years old.

You have sought and obtained medical advice before starting any Program provided by Momentum by Sohee inside the App.

All information and documentation provided to Momentum by Sohee is truthful, accurate, and not misleading in any way.

You will exercise in a safe and suitable location for the Program.

You will comply with these terms and conditions at all times.

You will solely manage any food allergies or intolerances you may have.

Intellectual Property and Ownership

The App, Momentum by Sohee logo and trademarks, and all content of Programs, Website, Fitness Services, Subscriptions, and any related materials (Momentum by Sohee Intellectual Property) remain our property at all times. You commit to refrain from copying, publishing, or reproducing Momentum by Sohee Intellectual Property, except as expressly permitted by these terms and conditions.

Your Acknowledgments and Consent

By registering an Account, you acknowledge and agree that:

You have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them;

You are responsible for all costs associated with your usage of the Programs, and Apps on a mobile device, including data usage fees and other telecommunication fees;

You consent to Momentum by Sohee disclosing your personal information in accordance with these terms and conditions; and

You agree to receive any communications from us as outlined above, with the option to opt-out at any time.

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